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FBR explained, Islamabad Dharna’s have no affect on tax receipts

Islamabad (30th, August 2014): FBR today explained thatIslamabad Dharna’s have no affect on tax receipts.  Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Member Inland Revenue Shahid Hussain Asad and spokesman for the current month until August 26 tax receipts were 134 billion last year compared to the same period 22 percent last year, the tax was Rs 110 billion.

Speaking to AFP spokesman said Pakistan had 12 days to sit PTI and PTI civil disobedience campaign in August despite more than 20% increase in tax receipts, other economic indicators protests and sit-ins like the efforts of the government tax receipts this month was not hurt.

Shahid Hussain Asad said political parties despite protests and sit-ins compared to last year’s 110 billion-134 billion as of August 26 has been deducted. He said that the political situation in the country has seen a slowdown in overall economic activity, however, FBR receipts are on track.

Shahid Hussain said the current fiscal year to July 31 of the tax receipts were Rs 138 billion in the same period last year, more than 1 billion. A spokesman said the FBR Chairman PTI civil disobedience movement called by foreign investment in the country and have a negative impact on the economic situation, the country’s business community Imran Khan has been ruled out of the civil disobedience movement.

The sit-ins and protests that could damage the national economy, while it would affect local businesses throughout the country.

Shahid Hussain said FBR tax for national economy aims to increase the scope of the government’s policy to increase the GDP. He said that those who had not filed tax returns, issuance of notice is being planned.

He expressed hope that the country’s policy to promote business and trade activities will benefit the business community and the business community to the economic prosperity of the country will submit their tax returns.

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