Thursday , March 23 2023

Equity market fell 138 points down in Faisalabad due to Political Tension

Karachi(December 9, 2014): Yesterday PTI rallies in cities including Karachi firing incident tense and 5-year crude oil price reaction to the lowest level in the Karachi Stock Exchange on Monday saw the suffering of the finance market 32100 range which fell 18 billion of investors Rs 90 crore 37 lakh 12 thousand 621 were drowned.Political worries knock KSE-100 off highs

At one point during the trading of 57.27 points faster, but also occurred in several areas plaguing the stock market has turned into a rapid, business term local companies, mutual funds, NBF PCs, individual investors Cars and other organizations from the overall 46 million 89 thousand 714 dollars worth of fresh investment.

While migrants from the 15 million 11 thousand 727 dollars and the banks and financial institutions from the 31 million 77 thousand 987 dollars in capital withdrawal was . 

At the end of the business downturn, the KSE-100 index lost 138.45 points to 32010.33 points. while the KSE-30 Index declined by 94.04 20724.29 and 50650.94 of Mi-30 index lost 417.60 points, trading volume last Friday than 34.76 percent and overall 18 crore 68 lakh 88 thousand 50 shares of the transaction, while business activity 368 shares was restricted to the 145 in negative, 196 price cuts and 27 remained unchanged.

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