Thursday , March 23 2023

Electricity price Reduce of Rs 2.6

Islamabad : The NEPRA approves Rs 2.6 cut in power price. Central power purchasing Agency requested tariff on electricity price for November approved Rs 2 6 paisa reduced.

NEPRA approves Rs 2.6 cut in power price |

NEPRA Redcued Rs 2.6 cut in power price

National Electric power purchasing Authority Central power purchasing Agency November decline in the price of electricity for the hearing of the application , the court argued that the November CPI pa 7.30 for the reference fuel cost per unit of electricity produced , however fixed charged of  the actual fuel cost is 5.32 per unit for the fuel adjustment surcharge of Rs 6 per unit declines des 2 , Tariff offered by the CPI- Pac keeping turnover figures for November 2 billion monthly fuel adjustment surcharge was reduced to Rs 6 per unit .

A reduction in the price of electricity of 20 billion people will get relief . Nypraky electricity prices apply plus monthly 300 units kyalyktrk customers who use electricity will not be bound all global users. And now Electricity charges will be reduced by 2.6 Rs per unit in Pakistan. 

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