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Dollar fell 1.2 Pkr by Stat bank warning to Brokers

Karachi(27th August, 2014) : Dollar price has been fell down by 1.2 Pkr after Stat bank of Pakistan  warning to Brokers if they did not respond to the market changes.US Dollar price increase from 100 in Open Market (20th August, 2014)

The State Bank of Pakistan issued directives to move the implementation of commercial banks two weeks after the long-term decline of the rupee against the dollar on Tuesday stopped and interbank market value of the rupee against the dollar 1.2 Lack of money was Rs 101.50. 

 The currency market is also having the effect of decreasing the value of $ 90 cash shortage occurred at the level of Rs 101.50.

The central bank said the two banks of the artificial increase in dollar value betting the central bank had received complaints involved in speculative banks were issued a warning. This State Bank of Pakistan issued directives warning affect dollar significantly reduce the value.

The central bank on Tuesday after the strict guidelines of the reserves banks hold dollars rather than the money supply was restored smoothly positive impact on the value.

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