Cotton Phutti Prices are at lowest rates since 6 years

Karachi(October 23, 2014): The Cotton Phutti Prices are at lowest rates since 6 years. This is a great loss for farmers in Pakistan having a lot of cotton crops.

Trading Corporation of Pakistan to start purchasing cotton and 5% General Sales Tax levied on oil cake stay in the country cried and torn downward trend in prices and the prices of unexploded 6-year low fell to the level Cotton Prices opened at least 6 years cameof the next year is expected to decline in the cultivation of cotton.

Cotton Board Chairman Ehsan ul Genres increasing the value of the rupee against the dollar was expected to grow significantly from Pakistan exports cotton and pallet prices rising trend will emerge.

With the prices of primary stability for ECC via TCP 10 million bales of cotton from farmers, Rs 3 per 40 kg price prkrydny approved TCP but even after 3 weeks of buying the pallet No action in front could not the reason pallet prices 5, 6-year low of 2 200 thousand to 2 thousand 450 rupees per 40 kg fell to the fear that the TCP by the immediate pallet If not start shopping pallet prices will decline further.

Ehsan ul Haq, 40 percent of the markets and ginning factories already in torn and mutilated by fear that TCP purchase until 60 to 75% of the country’s farmers have torn ione Distress sales would be pallet of little farmers will benefit from rising prices, the government instead of the 10 million to 20 million bales should buy orders quickly.

The Cake Man charged 5% GST on the sale be withdrawn immediately, which is expected to rise pallet prices increasing farmers income per acre will also significantly increase the front.

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