Dozens of Items are expensive by Rs 50 at Utility Stores

Utility Stores Corporation, tea, shampoo, mineral water, beverages, including more than 50 in the price

Multan (Tuesday, March 24, 2015): Utility Stores Corporation, tea, shampoo, mineral water, beverages, including more than 50 in the price of goods has increased by Rs 50 to Rs 1, the new prices will be applied immediately. Specific brand of tea leaves 215 grams pack 5 each increase of 124 …

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K electricity tariff by increased by 81 paise per unit

NEPRA approves Rs 2.6 cut in power price |

Karachi (Monday, March 23, 2015): Electricity tariff by 81 paise per unit for the electric consumers approved to be expensive. K Electricity tariff by 81 paise per unit for the electric consumers approved to be expensive. According to the spokesman of the electric purchased electricity from the national grid in January it was …

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Gold price reached to Rs 49100 with Rs. 100 Decrements

Todays Gold prices in Pakistan

In local sarafa Markets the Gold prices decrease in 100 and 86 rupee in one Tola and 10g weight respectively. By this reason the price in the markets of Haiderabad, sakhar, Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta decreased to 49100 rupee and for 10g the price decreased to …

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Apna Rozgar Scheme Balloting List – 10th January 2015

Apna Rozgar Scheme Draw Result List 10 January 2015

The govt of Punjab is here to lead ballot of the Apna Rozgar machinate on 8th, 9th and 10th January 2015. Draw will be mechanized and it will be directed in 10th divisions of Punjab. Bank of Punjab has received152,4710 applications while the accessible number of Suzuki Bolan and Suzuki Ravi …

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Apna Rozgar Scheme Draw Result, 9th January 2015

CM Punjab Apna Rozgar Scheme Draw List Results 8th, 9th 10th January 2015

Punjab Government has ever did best for the unemployment and the folks having low resources to did their job in low budget. The Apna Rozgaar by CM Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz sharif is the most famous scheme for the Ravi Bolan (Carry Dabba) and Ravi Pick up (Ravi Loader) vehicle …

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Petroleum Products Prices to Reduce 9 Rs. More next month

Petroleum product prices are likely to decline further 9

Islamabad (Friday, November 28, 2014): Pakistani Govt to reduce more Petroleum Products Prices to Reduce Rupee 9 and more In next month of December. Government next month, the prices of petroleum products are likely to decline further 9 bucks is being displayed. The Ministry of Petroleum falling oil prices on …

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State Bank reduced 0.5 percent interest rate

State Bank Pakistan Front View

Karachi (November 15, 2014): State Bank of Pakistan for the next two months, the interest rate has been 0.5 percent.   According to the central bank to the government budget deficit has made considerable progress, financial stability measures are moving in the right direction, agricultural production this year is expected …

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Pakistan’s First Electric Motorcycle

New E-Bike 2015 in Pakistan launched by Audi

Karachi (November 10, 2014): Pakistan’s first eco-friendly electric Bikes been launched. Introducing Bikes TAZ trading company claims that Chinese-made electric Bikes common Motor Bikes 90% lower cost than would facilitate travel. Their innovative design and refurbished Bikes spend 15 bucks can travel a distance of 100 kilometers. This bike is manufactured …

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Chairperson of State Life appointed after 1.5 year Gap

Chairperson of State Life appointed after one half year Gap

Karachi (Sunday, November 09, 2014): Ministry of Commerce, National Institute of victims of indifference State Life Insurance Corporation and a half years after the long break has been the appointment of the chairperson. It is stated to a previous half-year during the corporation’s affairs have been run through temporary measures, …

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OGDCL Privatization rumors are false | Minister Muhammad Zubair

The all OGDCL Privatization rumors are false said Minister Muhammad Zubair.

Islamabad (Friday, November 07, 2014): Minister Muhammad Zubair says privatize OGDCL and not being privatized but 10% of the shares are sold. The all OGDCL Privatization rumors are false said Minister Muhammad Zubair. Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Muhammad Zubair said that the government privatize State Technical stuff there is nothing concealed …

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PM to Start Transport scheme for unemployed Youth

Transport scheme for unemployed youth minister decided to start

Karachi (November, 5th 2014)): PM to Start Transport scheme for unemployed Youth in Pakistan. The federal government providing jobs for young people across the country, Prime Minister of Transport scheme ‘decided to start. Transport scheme for unemployed Youth Scheme for the earliest continuous consultation with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cabinet …

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Cm Punjab Yellow Cab Scheme 2014-2015 Detail

CM Apna Rozgar Scheme 2015 for Mehran Car & Suzuki Bolan

CM Punjab (Apna Rozgar Scheme 2014-2015) Yellow Cab Scheme Chief Minister of  Punjab Yellow Cab Scheme 2014-15 Form Schedule & Eligibility for the year 2014-15 for Punjab unemployers. Punjab government has held 25 billion rupees in the 2014-15 funding for Chief Minister Punjab Yellow taxi conspire 2014-15. The government of Punjab …

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FBR to examine the performance of subsidiaries

Federal Board of Revenue

Islamabad (Tuesday, October 21, 2014): Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) of all subsidiaries for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, has decided to review the performance of the subsidiaries.  This would be along with the heads of the poor performance against those responsible action will be taken and they …

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Oil prices fell down in Asian trade on Tuesday

Oil prices hit new multi-year lows in Asia trade

The world Oil prices fell down in Asian trade on Tuesday. SINGAPORE- Oil costs tumbled to new multi-year lows in Asian exchange Tuesday, with investigators faulting worries around a supply excess and the impacts of weaker interest from Europe and China. US benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for November conveyance …

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Govt to buy 1 million cotton bales Through the TCP

Through the TCP to buy cotton bales 10, Sikandar Hayat boson

Khanewal (Sunday, October 12, 2014): Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research boson Sikandar Hayat Khan said that the 10 million bales of cotton through TCP to buy, so it needed to be added to the target, after the holiday shopping process will begin. Cotton prices have been fixed …

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Nepra asked Electric energy distributions purchase the data

Nepra demanded the electric energy distribution companies purchase the data for September

Islamabad(Saturday, October 11, 2014): National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Central Power Purchasing Agency (EPA c) of power distribution companies last month (September) of the Energy Purchase data have demand. NEPRA officials in this regard by the power distribution company’s monthly fuel price adjustment on a monthly basis under the …

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Pakistani Little boy Muhammad Huzair become IT Security Certified

Muhammad Huzair World's Youngest Microsoft Professional

Lahore (Friday, October 10, 2014): Pakistani Little boy Muhammad Huzair become IT Security Certified. Pakistani littile boy a children of certified IT security across the world have the name of the country to high position. Laxman Singh of Lahore Fort from the 8-year-old Muhammad Huzair Awan International Computerized driving license …

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The inflation rate goes to 7.7 percent in September 2014

On a monthly basis, inflation increased to 0.4, the average rate of inflation in the first quarter was 7.52 percent

Karachi(October 2, 2014):  The inflation rate goes to 7.7 percent in September 2014 for the whole nation. the country’s inflation rate rose to 7.7 percent in September year-on-year, while the monthly inflation rate rose by 0.4 percent during the first quarter of this year, the average rate of inflation was …

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Government Reduced prices of Petrol & Diesel

The government announced a reduction in prices of petroleum Prodcuts

Islamabad(October 1, 2014): The government reshuffle in oil prices in the international market prices of petroleum products have been reduced by Rs 2, which will be applied at 12 at night. The Finance Ministry, following a reduction in the prices of petroleum products OGRA has issued a notification according to which …

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Finance Ministry to make a 20 member Tax Reform Commission

Tax system with tax complaints culture umsklat wants to eliminate

Karachi (Friday, September 26, 2014): Federal Ministry of Finance kutyks public facilities and to upgrade the existing tax system, the Commission has formed a 20-member Tax Reform. Institute of Chartered Accountants sdrmsaud Naqvi kukmysn former chairman of the tax reform is built synyrmahrcartrd tola addition synytrasman Saifullah Staff Accountant, Member …

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OGDCL shares to sell on 2nd October 2014

Floor Price of OGDCL's per share approval at Rs 216

Karachi(Thursday, September 25, 2014): The OGDCL shares to sell on 2nd October 2014. Privatization Commission Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has announced the date of the auction of the shares on October 2, 2014, according to which the total shares and global depository shares or (GDS) of Presentations …

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About 16 billion more Electricity bills recovery in August

electricity bills sample

Islamabad (September 23, 2014): Ministry of Water and Power aurnypra slab illegally modifying electric customers in terms of cost of electricity for the month of August, more than 16 billion in additional funds have been received. The Ministry of Water and Power Nepra notification of change in slab months, but …

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