Political instability disturbed the Karachi Stock Exchange: KSE

arachi stock exchange on Tuesday's business activities are under the influence of the political crisis

Karachi: political instability in the country, the anti-government sit-ins, civil disobedience movement called critical investors have suffered. Stock market activity stagnating been and inhumane conditions investors extremely cautious behavior express. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) on Monday the government financial institutions support the volatility the market under the influence of which

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National saving recruitment 2014 permitted by finance Ministry

Rs 40000 Prize Bond Draw Result 5 Sep 2017

Rahim Yar Khan (18th August, 2014). Due to the shortage of staff in National savings of Pakistan, the finance ministry of Pakistan has decided to recruit additional staff in this department. National saving recruitment 2014 has been permitted by finance minister. The finance minister of National savings has strictly ordered the …

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