US Admitted that United States added Barriers to trade with Pakistan

Barriers to trade with the United States admitted Pakistan

KARACHI(22th August, 2014)  : Karachi’s Senior Financial Officer of American konasaleta Alexander and the promotion of bilateral trade with Pakistan wants Washington to ensure that trade and investment are committed. Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the tour, he said, while addressing the challenges, opportunities parajalasa business with enormous …

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Political instability disturbed the Karachi Stock Exchange: KSE

arachi stock exchange on Tuesday's business activities are under the influence of the political crisis

Karachi: political instability in the country, the anti-government sit-ins, civil disobedience movement called critical investors have suffered. Stock market activity stagnating been and inhumane conditions investors extremely cautious behavior express. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) on Monday the government financial institutions support the volatility the market under the influence of which

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