We are unable to provide uninterrupted power supply to industries, Khurram Dastgir

Federal Minister for Commerce Engr Khurram Dastgir

Karachi(Saturday, October 04, 2014): Federal Minister for Commerce, Khurram Dastgir said our agenda to increase trade with neighboring countries and trade links with other regional countries including India will be high, traders are aware of the issues and the case of the current sales tax refunds By the end of …

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The inflation rate goes to 7.7 percent in September 2014

On a monthly basis, inflation increased to 0.4, the average rate of inflation in the first quarter was 7.52 percent

Karachi(October 2, 2014):  The inflation rate goes to 7.7 percent in September 2014 for the whole nation. the country’s inflation rate rose to 7.7 percent in September year-on-year, while the monthly inflation rate rose by 0.4 percent during the first quarter of this year, the average rate of inflation was …

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Government Reduced prices of Petrol & Diesel

The government announced a reduction in prices of petroleum Prodcuts

Islamabad(October 1, 2014): The government reshuffle in oil prices in the international market prices of petroleum products have been reduced by Rs 2, which will be applied at 12 at night. The Finance Ministry, following a reduction in the prices of petroleum products OGRA has issued a notification according to which …

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Finance Ministry to make a 20 member Tax Reform Commission

Tax system with tax complaints culture umsklat wants to eliminate, any suggestions would be appreciated, tola Staff member commission, told Express. Photo: File

Karachi (Friday, September 26, 2014): Federal Ministry of Finance kutyks public facilities and to upgrade the existing tax system, the Commission has formed a 20-member Tax Reform. Institute of Chartered Accountants sdrmsaud Naqvi kukmysn former chairman of the tax reform is built synyrmahrcartrd tola addition synytrasman Saifullah Staff Accountant, Member …

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OGDCL shares to sell on 2nd October 2014

Floor Price of OGDCL's per share approval at Rs 216

Karachi(Thursday, September 25, 2014): The OGDCL shares to sell on 2nd October 2014. Privatization Commission Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has announced the date of the auction of the shares on October 2, 2014, according to which the total shares and global depository shares or (GDS) of Presentations …

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About 16 billion more Electricity bills recovery in August

electricity bills sample

Islamabad (September 23, 2014): Ministry of Water and Power aurnypra slab illegally modifying electric customers in terms of cost of electricity for the month of August, more than 16 billion in additional funds have been received. The Ministry of Water and Power Nepra notification of change in slab months, but …

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