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In Budget 2016-17 tax proposals for each sector, PBC

Karachi (Monday, April 11, 2016): This year Income tax to be charged every sector, Pakistan Business Council (PBC) Also, the budget proposals.  Pakistan Business Council submitted a budget proposal to the Ministry of Finance.Budget 2016-2017 | Pakistan Revenue

These proposals are included in the recommendations of a decline in industrial development, economic stability and reduce the burden on taxpayers by increasing the number of those present tax cost through tax policy. PBC is going to income tax from this sector has urged the Government. This year In Budget 2016-2017 tax proposals for each sector that suggested to PBC.

PCB’s government over the current cannot provide resources for socio-economic development projects by relying on taxpayers increase the number of those taxes for this purpose is necessary, fields for this purpose, limited tax using tax-paying sectors will have to get rid of the tax amnesty scheme and culture.

Reduce the likelihood of additional funding available for the current tax policy investment to the corporate sector, investors, super-tax, non-divided capital tax on losses transferred under alternative corporate tax and low tax regime if such measures are temporary FBR renditions, but in the long run these measures raise the FBR receipts will be lower because such measures would affect on agriculture investment of the corporate sector.

PBC on ways to permanently be non documented the zero-tolerance policy against sector to increase the tax net through the promotion of documentary urging on the economy and periodically declare to the tax ever and instead said goodbye to the effective use of technology and improved enforcement through administrative reforms in FBR jayy.

PBC to the economy and the need to document the FBR to provide equal opportunities to local manufacturers through the financial records are urged to explore new taxpayers. Be deducted from various withholding agents for the purpose of withholding tax and income by comparing monthly returns covering closely and scope of the tax payers through the banking channel was recommended to is.

Foreign Country more than 25 thousand dollars in income remittances also recommends considers the recommendation of the Tax Act, the tax was hai. Sales 2.5 percent to 90 percent who buy goods from manufacturers registered supplier in 1990, the tax concession. Miss Declaration and to set the value of imported products in consultation with industry associations to end 65E National Commission to boost growth and jobs in the industrial sector hy.

Malik been proposed to reinforce and consolidate the Tax credit facility Scope plant masonry the factory building and the proposed increase construction infrastructure manufacturing hy. The section on new investments until 2016 2017 65B (4), 65D & tax exemption under 65E and the duration of benefits is recommended to increase the facility by June 2020. Pakistan Business Council (PBC) has 65 E (1) of the tax credit exemption plant and recommended to provide for the construction of the plant with the expansion of machinery and repair (M & R) of the rate of depreciation allowances for that.

Crops finance Act 2013 to the 50% level on the recommendation of merely finding building depreciation allowance rate increased from 15 per cent reduction suggested. Business cost of the 25% turn rate is less than one percent the advance tax rates on imports for manufacturers to 0.5% has been proposed to bring the level of one percent. PBC The Finance Act advance tax of 3% of imports in 2013.

The Finance Act 2015 was 5 5.5%, certificate law for imports to simplify is. Business affecting the availability of cash revenue for manufacturers to move is. The world review recommended that the 20% tax deduction for the promotional rewards of increasing sales under 156, applied to the specific supply section to prevent users from having to recover dealers and distributors in China user it is recommended to add the word.

Note: The budget 2016-17 Pakistan will be updated in June 2016.

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