Little increase to Govt Employee salary in Budget 2015-16

Islamabad (Sunday, April 12, 2015): The expectations from government are very little this year. The Little increase to Govt Employee salary in Budget 2015-16 the news revealed.  Federal government employees in the next fiscal year’s budget.

Budget 2015-2016 Govt employee salary

according to the increase in the inflation rate has begun to examine the various proposals, including the civil servants pay scale review of the delayed Sailing The house rent is likely to increase in other allowances for the Treasury Department Working Paper containing the relevant proposals are sought.

To modify the scale of the Commission shall be established. Most likely I will digits and is expected to reach 5 to 6 percent. Instead of adding all ad hoc relief revised pay salaries askylz be released, but it must be established for the Pay and Pension Commission which are not yet shown any signs.

However, sources said the employees medical allowance, transport allowance, house rent allowance, including sailing raising proposals were sought from the relevant department and was completed during the current month with the working paper submitted salary proposals and suggestions will. The Little increase to Govt Employee salary in Budget 2015-2016 chances are about 5 to 6 percent. 

Sources of civil servants in the next fiscal year’s budget 100 percent increase in house rent sailing summary has been prepared but the final decision will treasure.

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