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AON introduce new complementary insurance in Pakistan

Karachi (April 5, 2015): AON introduce new complementary insurance in Pakistan. Manchester insurances company ADT N ‘United, V Go Higher’ in the name of personal accident cover Releases her first title in Pakistan which will be promoted through various activities in the country.

complementary insurance in Pakistan” United, V Go Higher ‘core customers only new Higher (Haier) smartphone will be available to purchase as well as their widows and mancystryunayytd O insurance card will get free personal accident insurance through Security General Insurance the accidental death of 20 thousand rupees financial protection will be provided, the new complementary insurance cover the introduction of the opportunity to celebrate the widows and¬†Manchester’United, Wei Gu Higher-called special promotion is running.

The ONS receiving personal accident cover will automatically be included in the draw them under the National Training Complex in Manchester, England Manchester United team players AO view, may have the opportunity to meet and talk.

Manchesterthem with daily prizes including training kits, sports bangs and will have a chance of winning football, this campaign will continue until April 2015 and the winner announced 12 months Higher special media platform will be. The CEO of the widows in Pakistan Khurram Ali Khan in Pakistan Manchesterpersonal accident cover with the opportunity to introduce its first mhsus are delighted.

Higher mobile Zeeshan Qureshi said the CEO of the insurance cover being the sole distributor we ‘United, V Go Higher’ are very excited about the campaign, a partnership between ONS and Manchester United.

Manchester process, we Higher smartphone customers the unique opportunity to meet their favorite players are also able to offer.

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